Thursday, November 13, 2014

Life gets in the way sometimes

I haven't posted anything lately because, well, there hasn't been a whole lot to post since the last steamy entry into this blog.

Mistress and I have fallen out of the kink scene as of late due to an abundance of real life work hours, promotions (mine. Huzzah!) and stress over juggling too many things at once.

About 2 weeks after the last post when Mistress fucked me she allowed me to cum inside of her during real, penetrative sex. She's let me do the same several times since then, and the whole D/s relationship has pretty much been forgotten for the moment.

I still lasted longer than I ever have in chastity this time around. Perhaps we'll play again some day in the same way. From what I've read on some of the other blogs that I've found through this can be an off and on type of kink.

I'm ok with that.

It's fun to push boundries, but only when both parties are all in. Lately our head space just hasn't been there. We need each other in a more equal and balanced way than what our kinky lifestyle was providing.

Perhaps that's just because we haven't worked out exactly how to do this "properly" yet. Maybe we'll learn as we move forward with out marriage how to both be kinky and deal with stressful times (not bad mind you, just stressful) at the same time. But we're still young and learning.

I will say though, it's nice to be able to get so many PIV orgasms after previously getting none at all!

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