Friday, January 24, 2014

Illness is not sexy

The other day we started playing again. I shaved for my  Mistress, and I locked myself up in my cage for her. Then proceeded to insert my plug and picked her up from work.
We went out that night and she had me take the plug out, but she seemed very pleased that I'd gotten myself so ready for her.  She teased me relentlessly, and it was fun, but she didn't let me out of my cage.

Not yet anyway.

The next day, we had to go on a day trip, and slowly I felt worse and worse. Then we figured out that I, unfortunately, have the flu. Oh the timing, oh the awful things.

This had been a terrible few days. I've been oh so sick.
Mistress gave me a reprieve from my cage. "Comfort and getting better are more important than teasing. Besides, you're not getting any erections anyway so it's not doing it's job."

She's good to me.
I'm feeling a little better, so we'll see where things go in the next couple weeks.

I hope to wonderful places. She's been looking at some of the Fem Dom instructionals that I find on KeyHeld, and she's learning things. It's amazing.

Also, I found this tonight through a couple of links! Check it out!

Bondage on a Buck with Mistress Katherine