Monday, December 30, 2013

Quick post for a new year.

Directly after my last post I decided that I would go and masturbate a bit to release some tension. 

Then directly after that I thought to myself, "no, you should wait." So I went into the bedroom and pulled out my cage, and put it on, then I locked it.

My wife has the key on the same ring as her car key, so I didn't have the ability to take it off once it was on. I was bound for the rest of the day. I even went to work with it on, which is something that I haven't done since I changed jobs recently.

It was more comfortable than I remember it being. It felt like her hand around my cock all day long, and when she came back, we made love in the best of ways. She teased me quite a bit too. Sexually, not in a mean way.

I'll tell more when I can. Just a quick post. Happy new year everyone.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Being married is wonderful in it's own way

It's been a while since my wife and I have played with the chastity device that I bought. Actually, it's not even come out since before we were married! We're both worried about the chaffing honestly...

We have been experimenting with bondage and submission though. I'm also trying so hard to get my ass trained to take her cock. She's been using a dildo that I bought a while ago to fuck me with her strapon. It's hard to find a good position that will allow her to get any good leverage though...

I spend a lot of time on Anna malace's page, seeing a lot of sissy's taking it so hard and so expertly. Oh to be fucked like that...

I bought a butt plug a while ago that I've been practicing with. I'm hoping that it will help with the anal play. It's a little bigger at it's widest point than the dildo she uses to fuck me. I have to say, it is a lot of fun to use on it's own too.

I mentioned to her that one of the sexiest fantasies that I have had would be to be bound somehow, filled, blindfolded and then left alone for extended periods of time.

My loving wife and Mistress obliged! The next night she had to go to work. It was a 4 hour shift. She would be gone nearly 5 hours total.

She took my plug and pushed it into me. Time was short so it didn't go in smooth. I didn't have a lot of warm up, but that's ok. I understood, and the pain soon dulled.

She blind folded me, and tied my legs spread eagle to the bottom of the bed, and my arms up over me.
She left my left hand free just in case there was some kind of an emergency, however she placed small beads on my body. One at my throat, one on my chest, one in my belly button, and one just above my cock.

She said "you can play however you like, but don't let these fall while I'm gone." She then found a 5 hour long sound file on youtube of some drone-like chanting, and kissed me goodbye.

I had to stay almost motionless for almost 5 hours! It was torture. all I could do was rock my hips a bit to rub the butt plug inside of me. Masturbating didn't work for fear of losing the beads on my body.

All I had to listen to was the mindless chanting. Surrounded by darkness. I had no idea how long it had been, or how long I had left.

It was the hottest thing.

When she FINALLY came home I was so excited. Instead of letting me go though, she stripped naked and the first thing I felt of her was her pussy sliding around my hard cock. It was HEAVEN after so long!
She rode me hard, and we both came in a thunderous orgasm. Only then did she untie me, and let me take the plug out.

I hope we get to play like that again soon... Maybe we'll find a way to get my ass good and ready to be fucked like a slut that I am. 
Any advice?