Monday, October 6, 2014

Monday is finally here!

I'll bet not a lot of people look forward to Mondays, but I certainly do now!

I was woken up by my Mistress asking if I wanted to take a shower with her. Of course I said yes.
I took my time and shaved my cock and ass, making sure to get as smooth as possible. Shaving has become part of my showering routine. The feeling of being so smooth is wonderful, and much cleaner than when I was so hairy. Razor burn and ingrown hairs have been a bit of a problem, but that's getting better with time and experience.

After the shower Mistress Luchia dried off and went to lay down on the bed. I was being beckoned to join her before I could even dry off entirely.
I've been out of my cage recently, and simply being trusted not to cum at all. I've been good, but this worked out well. She wanted me inside of her, and I was all to willing to comply.

I held her legs up and slipped into her warm, wet, lovely hole and rode her until I couldn't stand it any longer. I've gotten very good at being able to hold back from cumming while practising PIV sex, however this time, being on top for the first time in a while, it was much more difficult! The thrusting makes a huge difference.

I had to slow to a crawl in order to stay in her without orgasming. It was excruciating, and I'm sure at least a little difficult for her as well. I had to pull out completely a few times to cool down a bit, but finally I was able to fuck her until she came all over me. I came very, VERY close, but somehow did not go over the edge.

Once we both cooled down for a few moments and our breathing slowed to normal, I crawled down her body to suck softly on her clit.
I warmed her up again, trying not to tongue her to roughly, and managed to get her off a second time before joining her for a nice morning cuddle.

So far, Monday is amazing. Tonight when I get home, she's assured me that she will repay the good behavior  by fucking me with her own cock.

I can't wait.

Leaving this off with a link to a video that I really hope will someday be me. I can't get anywhere near this level of leakage, but maybe with enough practice I can be akin to a faucet too.

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